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Due Diligence

Due diligence is an essential part of any business acquisition whether it is by way of acquisition or by becoming a shareholder in the business. There are many factors to be considered as due diligence provides detailed insight into the prospective business.  The process mainly involves conducting an investigation into their commercial, financial and taxation affairs.
We tailor our reporting to meet your requirements which may be in the form of short form report highlighting the key risk and issues, a detailed long form report or ON spreadsheets with financial comparisons focusing on the areas identified as being of primary importance.  It is ensured that the report is comprehensive and easy to read, with any identified risks being brought to your attention.

Having provided these services in relation to organisations in various industries and for a number of different purposes we’ve extensive experience in conducting due diligence assignments. The information collected as part of our due diligence process will increase your knowledge of the prospective business in which you are looking to invest and will allow you to make your buying decision with confidence.

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